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Mitsubishi Adds 16-Speaker LCD TV Line

New York — In addition to revealing plans for 3-D DLP packages and new LaserVue DLP screen sizes, Mitsubishi used a recent press conference, here, to formally unveiled its UltraThin Frame premium flat-panel TV line featuring an Integrated Sound Projector (iSP).

The line, which ships this month, includes the 46-inch LT-46149 ($3,299 suggested retail) and 52-inch LT-52159 ($3,699) models.

Both feature full 1080p resolution, Smooth 120Hz Film Motion frame rates, GalleryPlayer software with a collection of still images for display when the set is not being used for video, and uni-directional digital CableCARD slots.

The line’s most distinguishing feature is the iSP system which employs a 16-speaker array to create a 5.1-channel sound field from a single speaker cabinet attached below the TV screen. The system uses advanced algorithms to delay the sound varying intervals to each of the 16 speakers, generating a 5.1-channel effect focused both directly and indirectly at the listener.

Mitsubishi said the iSP system also uses a simple graphical user interface to assist in the proper setup for the room surroundings. The system calculated the beam angles to provide the best sound for the environment, Mitsubishi said.