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Mission 3-D Unveils First Product

Exeter, N.H. – Mission 3-D unveiled its first product on Aug. 26, the Photo 3-D 303 Kit, which allows consumers to take 3-D images with their digital cameras.

The kit includes the T100 camera attachment that serves as both a mini-tripod and a pistol grip. It attaches to a digital camera’s tripod socket, allowing the camera to slide from left-to-right to take two images of one subject (called a ‘stereo pair’).

These two images are then imported into a PC where the company’s Photo3-D Mixer software, included in the kit, is used to focus and combine the two images into a single, 3-D picture.

The 3-D picture can be printed, viewed or e-mailed like a typical JPEG image file. Included in the Photo 3-D 303 Kit is a pair of RC glasses optimized for viewing 3-D prints made on inkjet photo printers.

According to Mission 3-D chairmen and founder Sam Ramada, the company went to great lengths to ensure the 3-D glasses looked stylish and has a number of glasses tailored to meet consumer’s sartorial demands.

‘You don’t want it to be geeky, because then no one will want to view 3-D photos,’ Ramada said.

The kit will also include three paper 3-D glasses, five paper 3-D viewers (essentially the glasses minus the ear hooks), and 3-D Greetings card with a built-in 3-D viewer.

Ramada said the company is targeting both the entry-level consumer and higher end users with the product. A host of accessories, including albums with included 3-D viewers and a line-up of greeting cards with included viewers, will be aimed at the scrapbook markets.

‘3-D photography was extremely popular in the 1890s and again in the 1950s, but increased cost and ease-of-use forced it underground,’ Ramada said. ‘But digital photography has made photography hot again and we’re hoping this product spurs another renaissance in 3-D photography.’

The Photo-3D 303 Kit is available now for a suggested retail price of $129.