Mirabelli Starts CE Consulting Firm

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Scottsdale, Ariz. - Industry veteran, Tony Mirabelli, has started a consulting firm, TAJM Consulting, here, which focuses on the CE business.

Prior to the formation of TAJM Consulting, Mirabelli served as marketing and sales senior VP at Cobra Electronics for 15 years. Prior to Cobra, Mirabelli also held several other senior management positions with such companies as Quasar/Panasonic, NEC and Uniden.

TAJM Consulting will engage in sales and marketing consulting, product branding, product design and product sourcing and will be working with ODM and OEM manufacturers. Merchandising and communication services will also be provided to the clients. It is expected that current and new businesses will benefit from the association, Mirabelli said.

During his career Mirabelli helped launch the industry's first home video recorders, ushering in the age of home video and the beginnings of the home theater market. Additionally, he was among the first to use fashion colors in electronics,resulting in consumer electronics used as fashion accents in home decorating.

Mirabelli is an associate member of the Consumer Electronics Association and can be reached at (773) 251-9207 or by email at




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