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Mio Intro’s New DigiWalker

Fremont, Calif. – Mio Technology in November will ship a new DigiWalker portable GPS for both car and outdoor navigation at a suggested retail price of $499.95.

The new H610 has multiple navigation modes including one for walking, and a separate one for bicycling or car navigation.It also incorporates a full-featured MP3 player and photo viewer for use on the go.

The H610 uses a 2.7-inch touch screen and has an SD/MMC slot for MP3, photo and video file loading. Users can also import a contact list form Microsoft Outlook to navigate to addresses.It further offers the ability to download up-to-date travel information and services from a PC, said Mio.

The H610 Includes maps of the full U.S. and Canada and more than three million points of interest.