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Miller & Kreisel Name To Return To Home Speakers

 Los Angeles – Denmark-based MK Sound changed its name to M&K Sound and will relaunch the Miller & Kreisel name on home speakers with a February shipment of a new high-end series.

 MK Sound purchased the intellectual property and products of Miller & Kreisel Sound of Chatsworth, Calif., after that company filed Chapter 7 in early 2007. The startup began selling through an importer in the U.S. in 2008 but established its own U.S. marketing office in 2010 to sell the products.

When MK Sound bought Miller & Kreisel’s intellectual property in 2007, it also bought all logos, names, and trademarks, said Claus Glaesner, president of M&K Sound USA, but it “has taken some time to sort everything out.” The company is now M&K Sound again in time to celebrate the brand’s 40th anniversary, and the new high-end S300 series speakers will be the first new products in years to carry the Miller & Kreisel name. The new series, called the S300 series, will ship in February and will double the “performance, quality and price” of the brand’s previous top-end series, said Claus Glaesner, president of M&K Sound USA.

 The lineup consists of the reference S-300 monitor at $3,500 each, the on-wall MP-300 at $3,350 each, and the on-wall tri-pole S-300T at $4,000/pair. They are THX Ultra2-certified and made in Denmark. The top price points for their predecessors were $1500 each, $1500 each, and $1900/pair, respectively.

 The U.S. office sells mostly direct to retailers but is adding independent reps in key territories, said Glaesner.

The new reference freestanding speaker features a larger enclosure and custom-designed drivers to play louder than before but “with the accurate and truthful sound reproduction that is the hallmark of M&K Sound,” the company said.

 The S-300 measures 15.5 by 13.4 by 13 inches and delivers a frequency response of 60Hz to 25kHz, +/-3dB. Recommended amplifier power for the 4-ohm speaker is 25 to 500 watts.

 Additional product details were unavailable.

 The company currently has 78 U.S. dealers, the company’s web site shows.