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Migo: More Than Just A USB Drive

New York – Forward Solutions is looking to take the simple USB flash memory drive to the next level with the introduction of the Migo.

The Migo is a small 1.5MB software application that is placed onto a standard USB drive that can capture an end users desktop environment, said Joshua Feller, Forward Solutions president and COO. By following a set of parameters set up by the user the Migo basically downloads chunks of the person’s data so it can be transported and downloaded onto any USB-equipped computer.

Not only is the data transported, but also the look and feel of the user’s home or office PC is taken along for the ride, Feller said. Once the data is downloaded into the new PC its desktop icons are rearranged to resemble what is on the user’s PC. The Migo also accesses the person’s Outlook email applications and takes along as much or as little of the email as wanted. The entire contact list is also ported onto the USB drive. When downloaded onto another PC Migo will go out onto the Web access the person’s POP3 email account and synchronize Outlook with the home computer, he said.

The primary selling point behind the Migo will be that it allows you to leave your notebook computer at home when travelling. Instead people will simply take their Migo with them and use a local PC.

The real challenge for Forward Solutions is to get consumers to see the device as something more than a USB storage device.

Forward Solutions will sell 128MB and 256MB Migos starting this week on its web site and through VARS and resellers with suggested retail prices of $149 and $199. After the devices have caught on with the commercial market a consumer focused launch will take place, Feller said.

The Migo is Forward Solutions first product. The year-old company is owned by PowerHouse Technologies Group.