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Microsoft Makes A ‘Better’ Mouse

The newest lineup of computing peripherals from Microsoft includes six wireless mice and desktop combinations that showcase what the company calls a “groundbreaking” new scroll wheel for side-to-side scrolling, and wireless optical technology for extended battery life that enables exceptional time savings and cost efficiencies for users.

Features of the scroll wheel include unprecedented navigational capabilities, the company said, delivering vertical and now horizontal scrolling in a single wheel — useful for navigating large Web pages or spreadsheets — and enhanced accelerated scrolling to move through documents faster than ever. There is also a smooth scrolling wheel that is comfortable, easy to control and allows users to toggle between open windows.

New Microsoft products and suggested retail prices include Wireless Optical Desktop Elite, $104.95; Wireless Optical Desktop Pro, $104.95; Wireless Optical Desktop, $84.95; and Basic Wireless Optical Desktop, $64.95. Also included are Wireless Intellimouse Explorer in Black Leather, $64.95; Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer, $54.95; and Wireless Optical Mouse, $44.95.