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Microsoft Joins DVD+RW Alliance

New York – While Microsoft joined the DVD+RW Alliance last week, the company said the move does not indicate the software giant will support the +RW format over its rival DVD-RW.

The DVD+RW Alliance said it was excited to have Microsoft on board, but the industry organization also downplayed the move. It cited the fact that Microsoft is also a DVD Forum member, which backs the DVD-RW and DVD-RAM formats.

A Microsoft spokesman said the company’s Alliance affiliation does not indicate a preference for +RW.

Microsoft has unofficially been aligned with the +RW camp since last year when it announced at the WinHec Windows developers conference that the next incarnation of Windows would support that format with drop and drag data transfer capability. This would enable users to move data from a disc or hard drive with just a mouse click instead of requiring third party software.

The Microsoft spokesman said the company is still studying whether to add similar DVD-RW and DVD-RAM support in future versions of Windows.