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Microsoft Intros New Imaging Software

Microsoft announced new versions of its digital imaging software, incorporating new image-enhancement features including a tool designed to correct camera phone images.

Digital Image Suite 10, for a suggested $129.99, combines Microsoft Digital Image Library 10 for image organization and Microsoft Digital Image Pro 10 for image editing. Digital Imagine Pro 10 will also be sold separately for a suggested retail of $89.95.

Digital Image Suite 10 includes three new Auto Fixes for common photo maladies. The new Exposure Auto Fix automatically adjusts the brightness and contrast of an image, and the new Color Auto Fix analyzes and automatically corrects the color and light in the image by changing the source lighting, saturation and color balance.

Digital Image Suite’s third new Camera Phone Auto Fix corrects color casting and digital noise that typically mar camera phone photos.

Microsoft’s image organizer, Digital Image Library 10, features a five-star photo rating system, keyword assignments and the ability to find photos with shared characteristics.

The company will also incorporate Picture It! Library 10 in its Picture It! Premium 10 imaging software for photo organizing. Picture It! will carry a suggested $49.95 retail price.