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Microsoft Delays Portable Media’s Shipment Date

Microsoft changed the name of its portable A/V platform and the expected launch date of products incorporating the technology.

The Media2Go platform, unveiled at CES 2003, is now known as Windows Mobile software for Portable Media Centers. Target date for Portable Media Center devices is now the second half of 2004.

Earlier this year, Microsoft confirmed that Media2Go product shipments would be delayed from fall 2003 until sometime in 2004, but at the time, hardware partner ViewSonic told TWICE that it expected to ship its first model in the first quarter. Now, Microsoft is saying the first products “are expected to be available in the second half of 2004.”

Portable Media Center devices, also called personal video players (PVPs), are PC-centric battery-operated AV portables that store and play music and video, including full-motion TV video and still images, transferred from a PC. The hard disc drive (HDD)-equipped portables will feature a color LCD screen to view full motion video.