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Microrobot Debuts Cleaning Robot At CES

Microrobot will introduce users to their next housekeeper at International CES in the Sands, booth 70751. The UBOT-Navigation is a sophisticated cleaning robot that not only vacuums, but also scrubs and wet-mops floors on a single pass by reading invisible bar codes in hard floors. This system lets UBOT perform fast and efficient cleaning tasks while saving battery power. In addition, it automatically returns to the docking station to recharge its battery regardless of location and distance between UBOT and the station. UBOT sweeps, vacuums and mops simultaneously. It picks up tiny dust particles and uses an antibacterial wet cloth to clean a a 100-square-foot floor area in 10 minutes. Users can check the UBOT’s status by looking at the window display screen or listening to the voice guide. It is safe to humans, pets and furniture, using six PSD sensors and a patented soft silicon bumper sensor. In order to mop hard floors, UBOT uses a rolling wet cloth. The wet cloth should be changed every 20 days when UBOT is used one hour a day. Currently, UBOT Navigation is available only in Korea, but Microrobot will aggressively market it in the North America and Europe this year. Visit the booth for pricing information.