The TWICE Top 20 CE E-tailers Report ranks the leading domestic CE dealers by online sales of consumer electronics through the combined ecommerce and mobile-commerce channels.

Sales figures are based on information that was supplied by retailers responding to a 300-dealer survey by TWICE and research partner The Stevenson Company. Absent retailers’ input, estimates were developed from Stevenson’s syndicated TraQline quarterly market tracking surveys of 150,000 shoppers; industry sizing based on wholesale shipment figures from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and other sources; and average retail price points by product.

All estimates were further refined through the use of public filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), TWICE industry analyses, retail analysts’ financial reports, published data and other external sources.

Once the estimate was determined to be a reasonable assumption of the retailer’s CE sales, the figure was broken out by product category based on the TraQline surveys.

Sales figures by total and by category for 2013 were then compared to 2012 sales tallies, and adjusted if necessary to more closely track total reported revenue growth.

Businesses must meet the following criteria to be considered consumer electronics retailers and to qualify for inclusion in the Top 20 report:

• sells new products directly to consumers;

• has physical retail store locations, or has a significant online presence;

• sells consumer electronic products as one of its principal lines of business;

• does not offer consumer electronics products primarily to sell its transmission services, i.e. wireless carriers, cable operators, satellite radio/TV providers; and

• sells merchandise that is considered consumer electronics products as defined by the CEA.

Sales are considered to be the revenue received for the products sold primarily to consumers, including CE hardware and accessories; personal computers, peripherals and software; and video game platforms and software.

Sales of streaming or packaged music and movies are excluded from the report.

Respondents were also instructed to exclude revenues received for installation services, repair services, rentals, extended-service contracts and vendor marketing support, as well as sales to the business, government and education channels.


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