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MESA Adds Accessory Vendor

N.J. – Mobile Electronics
Specialists of America (


) expanded
its roster of vendor members with the addition of iPod-integration supplier USA

 The supplier joins a
growing list of companies that recently became members. They are Alpine,
ATrend, Directed Electronics, Hertz/Audison, HushMat, Ixos, Metra and Rockford
Fosgate. MESA’s first members were JL Audio
and Kenwood.

The dealer-owned marketing and selling group plans to
announce suppliers in such categories as window tinting, video and radar
detectors, said executive director David Schwartz.

MESA, owned by independent 12-volt dealers, was


in November 2009 as a marketing and selling group that pools members’
expertise, creates marketing materials for members, develops dealer-branded
literature, and obtains training, marketing and promotion commitments from
vendor members. Dealer members step up their commitment to vendor partners and
get the opportunity to take advantage of vendor specials.

 With the assistance
of an ad agency, the group has already developed TV, radio and print ads and a
magazine that can be retailer-branded and distributed to car dealers, car clubs
and the like.

 The group’s goal is to expand the dealer-owner roster to 30 by the end
of May, with a targeted maximum of 60 dealer owners.