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Meridian Upgrades $4,000 Music Server

New York – Meridian has increased the storage capacity and stepped up the audio performance of the latest version of its single-zone Media Core 200 music server, which was launched last year to lower the cost of entry into the company’s music servers.

The $4,000-suggested Media Core Digital Media System now offers 1TB hard drive, up from 500GB, to store about 2,000 CD albums in lossless quality. A new audio board improves sound quality. The price is unchanged.

The Media Core 200 is sold without a touchscreen and can be controlled from an iPad or iPhone running Meridian’s Core Control app and from networked computers running Meridian’s Control PC or Control Mac application. It can also be controlled from a Meridian controller, such as the Control 15.

The server connects to a home network to stream music services such as Rhapsody, and it can import an existing digital music library from a networked PC.

 The fanless device integrates with Meridian audio systems and can be networked to any other Meridian product to add extra storage or zones.

It features a full suite of Meridian’s Resolution Enhancement DSP technologies to deliver quality sound via analog, S/PDIF digital and proprietary SpeakerLink outputs.