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Meridian Steps Up Dealer Support

New York
Meridian America will step up
its advertising, marketing and training support under two new dealer support
programs designed for specialty dealers that meet minimum display requirements,
the company announced.

The new programs will deliver “a higher level of personalized
services, training and support,” the company said.

Each of the two programs, called Premium
Partners and Meridian Design Consultants, includes minimum display requirements,
making participating dealers eligible for increased volume incentive rebates, demo
terms and co-operative funds. Meridian
will also dedicate resources to dealers’ local and national advertising efforts
as well as offer product and personnel support for local dealer events, the
company said.

Premium Partners will get a feature
page in the Dealer Locator section of Meridian’s
Web site to provide consumers with information about a dealer, hours of
operation and other information, as well as photos of the store.

Meridian also restructured its dealer-training program to support
the changes. A “sales immersion” program is focused on reminded dealers’ staffs
that Meridian
offers a full system solution at various price points. A “local Meridian proficiency” program covers the installation
aspects of connectivity and wiring. And product training at the company’s Atlanta facilities will
enable installers to earn education credits from CEDIA.

The programs will “excite the sales
force about the brand” as well as change “the mindset of [the] premium shopping
experience,” said Meridian America
CEO Peter Wellikoff. “Meridian’s
elite sales network will be an extension of the company, and their retail
spaces and demo areas will reflect the essence of the brand.”

“This combination of appearance,
rejuvenation and education that will be a winning formula for our partners’
success,” he said.