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Meridian Readies $7,000 Surround Controller

New York—Meridian plans early-December shipments of its latest surround controller, the $7,000 G65.

The components will also be available with the company’s HD621 HDMI processor/switcher at a combined price of $10,000.

 The surround processor, which replaces two models, joins the flagship 861v8 controller, whose price starts at $25,000. The G65 and 861 represent the company’s surround-controller lineup.

 Like the 861, the G65 features card-based construction with seven-layer boards, enabling the company to build cards dedicated to specific audio tasks to yield such performance enhancements as lower noise and crosstalk, Meridian said.

 In conjunction with the HD621 HDMI processor, the G65 connects to multiple audio and video sources to deliver unified control over time alignment, bass management and surround sound processing.

The controller connects to Meridian’s active DSP speakers via proprietary digital SpeakerLink connection but also features balanced analog outputs to connect to other-brand audio components. Features include automatic selection of settings for optimum listening, upsampling to improve audio quality and correct problems in original digital recordings, and Meridian Room Correction to smooth out low-frequency reverberations in a room to improve clarity and imaging, the company said.  The controller also features eight channels of SpeakerLink and analog outputs, two SpeakerLink inputs, MMHR six-channel input from the HD621, and 18 Meridian DSP modes for two-channel sources.

The HD621 HDMI processor, also available separately at $3,000, comes in standard or rack-mount chassis. It features six HDMI inputs, MMHR one HDMI output and 3D passthrough.