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Meridian Readies 3 In-Wall DSP Speakers

Indianapolis – Meridian Audio launched a new series of active in-wall DSP speakers, all with the company’s proprietary SpeakerLink connections.

SpeakerLink delivers balanced 96kHz/24-bit digital audio and control signals over 300 feet of CAT-5e RJ-45-terminated cable from the company’s DSP speakers to the company’s DSP-equipped source components, including the company’s Digital Media System music server.

Using DSP for crossover and other functions, the company said it is able to deliver superior performance compared with conventional designs, and produce the equivalent to an enclosure with eight times the physical volume. The speakers come with their own enclosures.

Pricing and ship dates weren’t announced.

The trio consists of the DSP520 and DSP630 full-range speakers and the DSW600 subwoofer. All use drivers from the $8,000/pair M6 two-way tower speaker, which is shaped like a cylinder that gets narrower at the top. It shipped earlier this year.

The use of M6 drivers enables the DSP520 to perform comparably to the M6, and the larger DSP630 delivers higher sound pressure levels and extended bass, Meridian said. The subwoofer is designed to complement the full-range speakers.

The speakers’ baffles and grilles have been developed for maximum dispersion and minimum diffraction, the company added.