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Meridian Offers Trade-Up Program

New York –
Meridian said it will offer the minimum value trade-up price to existing
Meridian loudspeaker customers against the purchase of its latest digital
active models.

 The promotion will last until Dec. 31.

All consumer
owners of Meridian floor-standing, stand-mounting, center-channel and
book-shelf loudspeakers will be offered an opportunity to trade-up to the
current range of Digital Active Loudspeakers, the company said.

The promotion
applies to the following models:

  • DSP Digital
    Active: DSP6000, DSP7000, DSP5500, DSP5000, DSP3100 and DSP33

  • Digital Active:
    D6000, D600, D10, D2500 and D1500

  • Active: M3100,
    M33, M60, M100, M30, M20, M10, M3, M2, M1, M2500 and M1500

  • Passive: A500, A3,
    A2, and A1