Meridian Gets HP Boost

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New York - A version of Meridian's Sooloos music-management user interface will appear as an application in Hewlett-Packard's


WebOS-based tablets and other WebOS-based products, Meridian announced.

 The WebOS operating system was acquired last year by HP when it bought Palm. The new HP products are part of a strategy to "provide a fully integrated home and office to the consumer," Meridian said in a letter to dealers.

 "The new application will give the user elements of the rich user experience we take for granted with our Meridian Sooloos products. We certainly expect users to want to learn more about Meridian and how they can enhance their listening experience with our products," the letter stated.

 Meridian expects "millions more people will become aware of our brand and what it stands for," said Meridian CEO Tim Ireland in the letter. "This increased brand awareness and associated positive publicity will only help grow sales of our core business."


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