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Meridian Expands OEM Autosound Presence

 Huntington, U.K. – Luxury-audio supplier Meridian is expanding its OEM autosound presence in luxury vehicles with the launch of two audio systems in the all-new Range Rover Sport.

 In the vehicle, a choice of two Meridian audio systems includes the Meridian Signature Reference System, which incorporates Meridian’s Trifield 3D surround technology. The technology is said to create an enveloping and consistent surround sound experience for each passenger.

 The Trifeld 3D technology also appears in the audio system of the Range Rover introduced last fall.

  The other vehicles in which Meridian’s brand appears are the McLaren 12C, Range Rover Evoque, Range Rover LR2, Jaguar XJ Ultimate, Jaguar XJ, Jaguar XF, and Jaguar F-Type.

 In the Range Rover Sport, the 1,700-watt Meridian Signature Reference System features 23 speakers, including height speakers in the roof lining. Trifield 3D technology is said to render performances “in true scale and location for an authentic, personal and consistent musical experience for all passengers.”

 The 825-watt Meridian Surround Sound System features 19 speakers and traditionalTrifield technology to expand the sense of space within the cabin, with imaging optimized for all seating positions, the company said.