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Meridian America President Leaving

New York — Walter Schofield is stepping down as president of Meridian America after a year on the job, the company announced.

“While Walter has made numerous contributions to Meridian over his short tenure, working in Atlanta while his family resides in the Boston area was simply too much of a burden,” said CEO Peter Wellikoff. “He will be assisting me during the balance of the month to help ensure a smooth transition.”

Wellikoff was appointed to the new position of Meridian America CEO earlier this year. He was COO of media-server maker Sooloos, which Meridian acquired. At the time of Wellikoff’s appointment as CEO, Meridian America also announced that its marketing office would move from Atlanta to New York City, where Sooloos had its headquarters. Meridian continued to use its Atlanta facilities for sales, distribution, service-center functions and finance.

“Walter has always been a leading advocate for our brand and wants the company and its recent initiatives to continue to succeed,” Wellikoff said. “I’ve personally known Walter for many years and would like to thank him for all his efforts and wish him and his family the very best.”