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MERA Opens Doors To Expediters

Indianopolis — The Mobile Enhancement Retailers Association (MERA), an organization for car stereo specialists, said it is opening up its membership to “expediters” who sell car audio and other equipment to new car dealers.

The MERA board approved the measure unanimously on Oct. 10, noting that some of its members have expanded into expediting, or selling to car dealers in addition to selling directly to consumers. In addition, a spokeswoman said, “We know that expediting is really a part of the industry that crosses over into what MERA does and they have something to gain from MERA membership and we have something to gain by sharing with that segment of the industry.”

To be eligible for membership, at least 15 percent and $100,000 of the expediter’s annual business must be in car stereo, aftermarket parts, accessories, performance parts and/or installation.

MERA currently has about 350 retail members.