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MERA Launches Promotion Program For Members


Mobile Electronics Retailers Association
(MERA) has begun offering
Revenew Online’s Channel Networking
web-based promotion service
as a benefit for supplier and retailer

Revenew Online helps retailers
quickly launch cost-effective promotions
and integrated campaigns that include
eNewsletters, eFlyers, Facebook
ads and tabs, email blasts, banner ads,
and targeted direct mail. Participating
MERA members will be able to access
the Revenew Online website, which
hosts suppliers’ marketing programs.
Revenew will provide training and support
to retail members to help them
take advantage of supplier programs.

The new member benefit is designed
to increase sales and consumer
awareness through the specialty
retailer, said MERA president Chris
Cook. “The problem has always been
accommodating different methods for
different retailers in different markets.
ROL is a single system our members
can use to send a manufacturer’s
message to their customers and have
it be effective.”