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Memorex Ships New CD-R, -RW Packs

Fueled by the popularity of MP3 audio, CD-R camcorders and utilization of CD-RW as a floppy disc or Iomega Zip disc replacement, Memorex Products, the U.S. distributor of Memorex-branded media, is expanding its offerings in the 185MB/21min “Pocket” CD-R/CD-RW category.

Following up on its initial release of Pocket CD-R in 5-packs of discs in jewel cases, the 185MB/21-minute audio, 16x write speed discs are being shipped in 10- and 50-pack configurations.

Memorex will also offer a 10-pack of Pocket CD-RW. Each package will include FileCD 2.0 software, developed by New Tech InfoSystems (NTI), allowing the user to format a CD-RW in about 8 minutes at 4x speed, Memorex said.

The new Pocket CD-RW, the company said, will now be as easy as a floppy disc and as powerful as a CD. The user will be able to use the CD-RW to perform drag-and-drop functions just like a floppy, Memorex said.

The 10-disc Pocket CD-R version will be offered in a blister/spindle package at a suggested retail of $14.99. The blister/spindle package has been designed to allow retailers to display the product standing up on shelves or on pegboard displays.

The new 10-pack CD-RW will be offered in the same blister/spindle package at a suggested retail of $19.99.

The 50-disc Pocket CD-R will be available in a spindle package configuration at a suggested $39.99 retail.