Memorex Launches PC Upgrade Venture

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Sante Fe Springs, Calif. - Memorex jumped into a new product category this month with the introduction of its Modz line of PC performance and appearance products.

The 24-SKU line is aimed at the growing sub-culture of PC enthusiasts, primarily high-end gamers, who want to increase their computer’s performance and looks, said Melanie Lukesh, Memorex’s product manager.

'We’ve been noticing more retail and mainstream interest in this area. The early adopters have already been into this and buying product online, but now you can go into stores and buy these products,' she said adding major retailers like Best Buy and Fry’s Electronics have store sections dedicated to these products.

Jazzing up a PC’s appearance is particularly important to people who attend LAN parties where they play head-to-head computer games, Lukesh said.

The initial Memorex lineup features cooling fans, transparent and brightly colored cables and internal PC chassis lights. All of the products are now available through Memorex’s online store and should be in retail stores for the holiday selling season. Lukesh did not say which retailer the line would launch through.

Future products might include computer cases and power supplies.


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