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Memorex Debuts MP3 Player

Monrovia, Calif. — Memorex has launched a digital audio player with pre-loaded music and a new music search feature.

The new 4GB player includes a “MyDJ” feature. When the user chooses a song and hits the “MyDJ” button the unit creates a playlist of songs of a similar “mood” from those already stored in the player. This allows the easy creation of playlists for the gym, or driving, said the company. The feature will also be added to Memorex 1GB and 2GB models.

Memorex’s 4GB model is currently hitting store shelves at Target. It holds up to 2,000 songs and has a mini SD card slot. It supports MPEG 4 video plus WMA and MP3 and photos. It is preloaded with music by artists such as Dressy Bessy, Honeycut and Electric Frankenstein at a suggested retail price of $119. Subsequent 1GB and 2GB models will carry suggested retail prices of $89.99 and $59.99.

MyDJ is licensed by MusicIP.