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Memorex, Akai Add Sets From MicroDisplay

LAS VEGAS — Start-up OEM rear-projection TV manufacturer MicroDisplay said at International CES that it has reached agreements to supply low-cost 1,080p LCoS rear-projection HDTVs for the AKAI and Memorex brands this year.

The company will make sets for the brands in the 52W-inch to 62W-inch screen sizes, with shipments slated to start this summer. The sets will be customized with various options for each brand, MicroDisplay said.

MicroDisplay also announced that it is calling its proprietary one-chip 1,080p LCoS engine “Liquid Fidelity.” The company said the technology “produces a smooth, natural picture with a fine texture, accurate colors and a fast response time for a film-like home theater experience,” according to a statement.

The system adds picture quality enhancing technologies from Gennum (VPX) and an advanced user interface system for menus, navigation and onscreen displays from Avtrex.

Fremont, Calif.-based MicroDisplay has arranged to have sets manufactured for vendor customers in Mexico. The company is specializing in the manufacture of microdisplay-based rear-projection sets for OEM vendors, offering them a more affordable solution than building the sets themselves.

“MicroDisplay’s development of Liquid Fidelity” single-chip LCoS technology and high-quality HDTVs customized to our needs enables us to provide larger, higher-performance AKAI-branded HDTVs to our customers at more affordable price points,” said Keith Pillow, Akai Products Holding USA corporate communications director.