Media Connect Wireless PC-TV Link Due: P&F

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New York - P&F USA plans to offer Philips Media Connect wireless technology to turn a TV screen into a PC screen without a physical cable connection between the two, P&F marketing director Keith Michael announced.

The company used a laptop to demonstrate the technology publicly for the first time for reporters here. "This is the first public showing of [Media Connect]," he said.

In September, the technology will come to the currently available $229.99-suggested DLNA-certified BDP7320 Blu-ray player, which comes with included 802.11b/g/n dongle. Also in September, 7705 series LED TVs and 7505 240Hz CCFL LCD TVs, all with DLNA certification, will also get the upgrade, Michael said.

Current owners of the Philips Blu-ray player and TVs will also get the upgrade, he said.

With the upgrade, PC software supplied by P&F will enable a PC -- including a PC without DLNA certification -- to transmit exact images of its screen to the Philips TVs or, via the Blu-ray player, to other TVs. The TV screen will duplicate exactly what appears on the PC screen, including Web browsing sessions, PowerPoint presentations and the like, Michael said.


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