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Media Connect Wireless PC-TV Link Due: P&F

NEW YORK – P&F USA plans to
offer Philips Media Connect wireless
technology to turn a TV screen into
a PC screen without a physical cable
connection between the two, P&F
marketing director Keith Michael announced.

The company used a laptop to demonstrate
the technology publicly for
the first time for reporters here. “This
is the first public showing of [Media
Connect],” he said.

In September, the technology
will come to the currently available
$229.99-suggested DLNA-certified
BDP7320 Blu-ray player, which comes
with included 802.11b/g/n dongle.
Also in September, 7705 series LED
TVs and 7505 240Hz CCFL LCD
TVs, all with DLNA certification, will
also get the upgrade, Michael said.

Current owners of the Philips Bluray
player and TVs will also get the upgrade, he said.

With the upgrade, PC software
supplied by P&F will enable a PC –
– including a PC without DLNA certification
— to transmit exact images
of its screen to the Philips TVs or,
via the Blu-ray player, to other TVs.
The TV screen will duplicate exactly
what appears on the PC screen, including
Web browsing sessions, PowerPoint
presentations and the like,
Michael said.