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MeCam POV Cam Puts Fun Into Spy Tech

Miami, Fla. — MeCam recently introduced a wearable point-of-view (POV) video camera that is designed to capture everyday clips worn pinned to a users’ shirt or as a necklace.

The company said its MeCam will easily upload recorded videos to a computer via USB and will enable sharing videos to social-media outlets and other sites.

The camera is available now online direct to consumers at as well at partner retail e-commerce site, starting at a $49.99 suggested retail. Other retail partners are currently in distribution negotiations, the company said.

The start-up firm was founded by Drew Martin in late 2012, using knowledge gained from a prior foray into the spy camera industry.

MeCams are said to make that spy technology fun and useful without the negative connotations associated with spy wear.

“Life moves fast, and the best moments are usually the unexpected,” said Martin. “With a MeCam, users can now have a hands-free camera capable of recording their life on the go.”

The wearable video camera measures less than 2 inches in diameter and weighs less than 2 ounces. It records video in 720p high-definition resolution at 30 fps, and is equipped with a lithium-ion battery for 80 minutes of continuous run time and up to four hours of video storage on a MicroSD card.

MeCam also uses LED IR lighting to operate in low-light conditions. It will record audio within a 10-foot radius and can take 5-megapixel still photos.  

MeCams are offered in a variety of colors and memory options. The company said the hands-free nature of the camera makes it operable by both children and adults.

Martin said next-generation MeCams are already in development with future adaptations to include Bluetooth capability for syncing with smartphone apps.

The company also expects to soon offer easy-to-use video-editing software to help make movie productions out of shots.