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McIntosh Unveils 7 New Two-Channel Audio Components

Las Vegas – Luxury-audio brand McIntosh unveiled its first products since its purchase last fall by Fine Sounds from D+M Group.

The seven new products are two-channel audio electronics components, including three integrated amps, the company’s first stereo receiver in about 20 years, a tube preamp, a turntable, and a digital preamp with five built-in DACs.

All but the turntable feature three digital inputs — USB audio, digital coax, and digital Toslink — whereas models that had predecessors lacked these inputs, said sales director Marc Lamb. All are tentatively scheduled to ship at the end of the first quarter.

The lineup starts with the brand’s most affordable preamp ever, the $2,500-suggested D100 with five 32-bit/192kHz DACs, digital inputs, headphone output, and no analog inputs. It’s designed for consumers who have only digital-output sources, but it can be used to add digital-output sources to legacy components with only analog inputs.

The company’s other stereo preamps start at $4,500 and run to about $30,000.

A new two-channel integrated amp, the 2×100-watt MA5200 at a tentative suggested $4,500, replaces a model that lacked digital inputs. The addition of DACs, a USB audio port, and digital coax input, and digital Toslink input to the new model reflects in part the growth of PCs as music sources, Lamb said.

The MA6700 is a 2×200-watt integrated amp with the same three digital inputs. Pricing was unavailable. It’s designed exclusively for the international export market.

The MAC6700 stereo receiver mates the company’s standalone AM/FM HD Radio tuner with a two-channel integrated amp rated at 2×200 watts. It offers the same digital inputs as the MA5200 integrated amp and is tentatively priced at a suggested retail of about $6,500.

The 2×200-watt MA-7900 integrated amp adds the coax, Toslink and USB audio inputs that its predecessor lacked and includes a five-band graphic EQ. The tentative suggested retail is around $7,000.

At a tentative suggested retail of around $6,500, the two-channel C2500 tube preamp adds the coax, Toslink and USB audio inputs that its predecessor lacked and also features a headphone amp that accommodates a wider range of headphone impedances from 20 to 600 ohms. The previous model was designed for 200-400 ohm headphones. The new model is also more power-efficient and adds a processor loop so users can add an equalizer or room-correction components.

Key carryover features include one moving-coil and one moving-magnet phono preamp.

The turntable features tracking force, anti-skate force, cartridge overhang, and arm height that are all preset for maximum performance, the company said. Additional details were unavailable.