McIntosh Launches ‘Luxury' Website


Binghamton, N.Y. - McIntosh Laboratory launched a new "luxury lifestyle" website on Friday.

The site, which is currently available in English, but will be followed by seven other languages over the course of the next two months, is designed to provide a virtual guided tour through the unique McIntosh experience, the company said.

McIntosh said showing its products in attractive environments can be viewed as a reflection of the company's new direction, "demystifying the world of prestige audio, simplifying the decision-making process, and making it a ‘must have' for discerning consumers who appreciate the finest in life."

The site will show the company's contributions to music milestones, such as how it helped create the audio experience for the Woodstock concert in 1969, and provided the Grateful Dead with their "Wall of Sound" in 1974.

The site has a video of the Binghamton, N.Y., factory, showing what goes into the making of each product, as well as a dealer locator.  

Shoppers can interact with the site by comparing products, creating wish lists, asking technical questions, or downloading the McIntosh AP1 Audio Player.


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