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Maxxsonics Adds 10 Crunch Car Amps

Chicago – Maxxsonics has begun shipping its new V-Drive series of amplifiers under the Crunch brand, positioning them at the top of the Crunch amp lineup.

 The V-Drive models consist of three two-channel models at a suggested $149 to $289, four four-channel models at $179 to $349, and three mono Class D amps at $319 to $389.

The lineup represents “some of the most powerful amplifiers ever designed for the Crunch lineup,” said John Studley, Maxxsonics’ product development VP.

The Class A/B two- and four-channel models and Class D mono amps use the company’s Speed-FET MOSFET output devices to deliver musical clarity at high output levels, the company said.

All feature so-called “murdered” cosmetics, which the company said is an automotive-industry term for a “black on black on black” paint job and overall cosmetic design. They also feature illumination.

The amps use power supplies to deliver high efficiency when converting 12-volt power into lots of watts, the company added

The three two-channel amps are rated at 2×200, 2×275, and 2×1000 watts into 4 ohms, and all double output when they drive 2-ohm loads. They are also bridgeable to one channel, and in bridged mode, they double their total rated power into 4 ohms.

The four four-channel amps are rated at 4×125, 4×175, 4×300, and 4×500 into 4 ohms, and all double output when driving 2-ohm loads. They are also bridgeable to two channels, doubling their total rated power into 4 ohms.

 The three Class D mono amps are rated at 1×450, 1×625 and 1×800 watts into 4 ohms. They double output into 2-ohm loads and double output again into 1-ohm loads.

Maxxsonics is the parent of MB Quart, Hifonics, Crunch, Autotek and MAXXLINK.