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Maxell Introduces New Headphones

Maxell is rolling out a broad line of headphones and earphones on display at Central Hall booth 12506 at International CES.

At the top of the line is the latest product using Maxell’s Digital Headphone technology (DHP), the DHP-III lightweight digital headphones.

The DHP-III boasts a lightweight on- ear fit that is collapsible and foldable for travel, according to the company. It delivers rich musical nuances with true and balanced sound and is compatible with iPod and MP3 players as well as home entertainment systems, Maxell said.

The DHP-III will retail for $89.99.

Also new from Maxell are the NR-EB-1 noise reduction ear buds.

Compatible with in-flight entertainment systems and most portable audio devices, the ear buds allow a user to listen comfortably to at lower volumes, even in loud environments, according to the company. They block ambient noise passively like earplugs and also feature Maxell’s noise cancellation technology.

The technology reduces over-amplification distortion and nonlinear distortion for truer sound and improves frequency response by reducing frequency variability, Maxell said

The earbuds get up to 30 hours of battery power with one AAA, not included.

They Include a dual-prong adapter for in-flight entertainment and a drawstring travel bag for storage. They retail for $129.99.

Also on display is the HP-21 headphone and cellphone adapter kit with 20-foot extension cord.

The HP-21 is an updated adapter kit that includes an in-flight entertainment system adapter, a 0.25-inch home systems adapter, and a 3.5mm to 2.5mm cellphone adapter for music-capable phones such as the Blackjack, Treo and Blackberry. It also includes an iPhone adapter, headphone splitter and a 20 -foot extension cord. Pricing is available at the show.

Maxell also will debut new packaging for its entire line of iPod accessories, and new shapes, sizes and colors for the products.