Mattel To Introduce Tech Toys

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NEW YORK - Toy maker Mattel said it plans to introduce at this year's

International Toy Fair

(Feb. 12-15, here) a range of "Apptivity"-enabled high-tech toys ranging from a Barbie fashion model digital camera to a Fisher-Price DVR.

Other slated offerings include


Hot Wheels Apptivity vehicles and an Apptivity Monkey plush toy that interact with tablets and smartphones,

Mattel said its Apptivity concept allows kids to take a physical toy and safely play with it on the screen of an iPad.

 For example, the Hot Wheels Apptivity system lets kids take a 1:64 scale Hot Wheels car and race through three game modes on an iPad screen.

Apptivity is also found in Fisher-Price's Laugh & Learn Apptivity Monkey, which is billed as an interactive plush learning toy for babies that lets toddlers use apps on their parents' iPhone or iPod Touch device.

By squeezing the monkey's hands and feet, kids can interact with the app, while learning colors, numbers, animals and other lessons.

Meanwhile, a new Barbie Photo Fashion Doll is actually a digital camera. Girls can play fashion shoot by using the Barbie doll t-shirt as a canvas. Girls can showcase preloaded graphics or take their own pictures and display them on the shirt.

A Fisher-Price, kid-tough portable DVR is designed to let preschoolers take their favorite content on the go. The DVD connects directly to a TV and set top box to record favorite TV shows.

The concept will let parents maximize TV content they're already paying for at home while preschoolers can take their favorite TV shows with them on road trips and vacations.


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