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Massive Ships Stackable 12-Volt Amps

Los Angeles – Massive Audio has launched three stackable
12-volt amps in its Volt series, all featuring Class A/B technology.

The $249.95 V500.2 is a two-channel amp rated at rated 2×250
watts maximum at 14.4 volts with less than 0.1 percent THD. The $369.95 V1000.4
is a four-channel amp rated at 4×250 watts maximum. And the $369.95 V1000.1 is
rated at 1×1000 watts maximum.

 All feature smooth aluminum
“finless” heat sink with four corner hex bolts that unscrew to reveal mounting
tubes. This configuration makes it possible to bolt down or stack the amps with
a clean look, the company said.

 The amps also feature
digital switching power supplies, speaker-level inputs for compatibility with
OEM head units, switchable 18dB high- and low-pass crossovers with an
adjustable range of 50Hz -750Hz, and internal subsonic filters.