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Massive Audio Teams With Shopatron

Los Angeles — Car electronics supplier Massive Audio is enabling its dealers for the first time to fulfill orders placed by consumers through the company’s online store.

Massive teamed up with Shopatron, an e-commerce technology company that lets branded suppliers accept online orders and fulfill them through dealers.

“We used to sell directly to consumers from our site before,” said international sales manager Jeremy Larsson, but the company recently teamed with Shopatron “to help dealer sales.” To further aid dealers, he added, “we intend to launch some new products very soon that are only sold on the website and dealer direct so [there is] no online competition” for goods sold through distributors.

The Shopatron program, available for U.S. and U.K. retailers, works like this: Orders placed on Massive Audio’s website are put in a pool that authorized retailers can view through a web portal. Orders are assigned every day to the authorized retailer that is closest to the consumer and has indicated it has the product in stock. Massive retailers that accept orders ship the order to the consumer or alert the shopper that the item is available for in-store pickup, the company said.

Massive sells car amps, speakers, subwoofers, equalizers, OEM-interface kits and other accessories.