Marvell Unveils Kinoma Play App

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Austin, Texas -


introduced Monday its Kinoma Play app suite for Android-powered phones.

The preview release, which is available as a free download in the Android Market, includes a suite of 50 apps enabling digital media, social networking, location and search.

 "Marvell is investing in our Kinoma software platform because we understand the importance of great software to the success of our customers. Our vision of the Connected Lifestyle guides our product development. Kinoma Play truly shows the power of that Connected Lifestyle," said Weili Dai, Marvell co-founder. "I believe our customers can now build on Kinoma to bring increased value to their own products. Android is just the first stop. We're working to bring Kinoma to additional Marvell-powered devices."

Kinoma Play combines information and features from across Kinoma apps into dashboards to simplify and speed tasks. Five dashboards are included:

• Play shows information from every Kinoma app with news -- social networks, recent photos, stocks, weather, upcoming calendar events and Kinoma app updates;

• Search uncovers results from across every Kinoma app that supports search;

• Places is a guide to what's nearby, combining information from foursquare, Yelp, YouTube, Wikipedia, and HearPlanet;

• Music delivers photos, biographies, and videos of the music artist being listening to; and

• Send is a hub for sharing and organizing media, showing videos on a television, tweeting about a song, uploading a picture to Flickr, downloading a podcast, or adding to a playlist.

The Media Connect app shares media with other devices on the same network, even other phones. It supports the popular DLNA standard built into many televisions, computers and game consoles, including Xbox 360 and PlayStation3. Media Connect allows users to easily show pictures, music and video from a phone on DLNA-compatible televisions; play content from media servers on your phone; and share content with neighboring devices by turning the phone into a media server.

Kinoma Play is an open environment, enabling developers to develop extensions onto Kinoma Play, from simply plugging into dashboards to creating full apps.

Kinoma Create is the environment for Kinoma development on Mac and Windows. Built on the popular Eclipse IDE, developers can easily edit, debug, and profile their apps in Kinoma Create's unified environment, and test on both the built-in Kinoma Simulator and Android phones over Wi-Fi.

Kinoma apps are written in Kinoma Play Script (KPS) which uses the same JavaScript language as HTML5, providing a familiar starting point for developers. The optimized KPS runtime delivers high performance, media rich, portable, integrated experiences. The biggest innovation in KPS is how it inverts the traditional event driven programming model.

 "Today's preview of Kinoma Play and Kinoma Create is just the beginning," said Peter Hoddie, Marvell Kinoma Platform VP. "We have big plans for the rest of the year. Our work on a fully hardware accelerated rendering pipeline using OpenGL is delivering beautiful results on tablets. We're making great progress on Kinoma for iOS, which will allow us to deliver the same Kinoma apps on both Android and iOS. And we'll share a significant portion of our app suite under an open source license for developers to learn from and build on."

Kinoma is compatible with any Android phone running Android 2.1 or later.


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