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MartinLogan Ships Affordable Electrostatic Speaker

Lawrence, Kan. – MartinLogan has
begun shipping its most affordable electrostatic speaker to date, targeting it to
budget-conscious audiophiles.

The $1,995/pair ElectroMotion-ESL with 34-inch-tall
electrostatic panel compares in price to a $2,195/pair model with 28-inch-tall
panel, a 28-inch $3,295/pair model, and other models priced up to $30,000/pair
for a model with 57-inch panel.

In the spring, the
ElectroMotion-ESL speaker will get matching center and surround channels with Folded
Motion XT technology in lieu of electrostatic panels.

The new model features a new
XStat MicroPerf panel developed to reduce the thickness gauge of the
electrostatic panel’s steel stators to increase the pane’s visual transparency
without reducing performance, the company said. 
The MicroPerf panel is held by an aluminum and composite frame similar
to that found on the company’s flagship products. The frame technology is said
to make the panel rigid without obstructing playable surface area or
interfering with dipole sound radiation. Sensitivity is 91dB into 6 Ohms

 The electrostatic panel is paired with an 8-inch
rigid, lightweight woofer designed to optimize cone suspension and the magnetic
flux field to produce high levels of bass output with low distortion, the
company said.

 The company previously offered a
sub-$2,000/pair electrostatic speaker, the $1,999/pair Aerius, beginning in
1992, but the product hasn’t been available for some time.