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MartinLogan To Hold ‘Truth In Sound’ Tour

Lawrence, Kan. –


inviting audiophiles and music lovers to experience sound reproduction in its Truth
in Sound Tour, featuring flagship


speaker demonstrations at select

Magnolia Audio Video

stores and other

MartinLogan Reserve Dealers


There’s no charge to attend, and at each CLX ART event,
MartinLogan representatives will be available to answer questions, give demos
and provide “a glimpse into the unique world of electrostatic speaker
technology,” the company said.

CLX, introduced originally in 1983, utilizes dual
electrostatic transducers to render the most complex musical passages as faithfully
as a crystal prism disperses the full color spectrum, the company said.

Guests are encouraged to bring CDs and enjoy nuance and
detail never before heard on their favorite tracks (first come first serve).
Dates and locations are below and more events will be announced soon:

  • August
    26 (Friday, 4pm-9pm), Magnolia;
    14404 NE 20th, Bellevue, Wash. 98007;

  • August
    27 (Saturday, 4pm-9pm), Magnolia
    at Best Buy, 3090 Stevens Creek Blvd., San Jose, Calif. 95128;

  • August
    28 (Sunday, 4pm-9pm), Magnolia,
    110 Sunset Drive, San Ramon, Calif. 94583

  • September
    15 (Saturday, 4pm-9pm); Magnolia at Best Buy, 1201 Hammond
    Drive, Atlanta, Ga. 30346

  • September
    17 (Saturday, 4pm-9pm) Magnolia at Best Buy, 2100
    N. Elston Street, Chicago, Ill. 60614

For future tour dates and updated
information, please visit