MartinLogan Expands Top-End Series

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Lawrence, Kan. - MartinLogan extended its top-end

Reserve series

of electrostatic speakers down in price point to $6,495/pair with the launch of the Ethos speaker.

The series previously consisted of four models priced from $8,495 to $25,000/pair. In the U.S., the series is available only through a limited group of dealers specifically franchised to sell it.

The new 59.33-inch by 10.73-inch by 18.23-inch Ethos features a 44- by 9.2-inch electrostatic panel that's the same height as the panel used in the series' Summit X but is more tightly curved to achieve its 9.2-inch width while delivering a 30-degree dispersion pattern. To achieve the curve, the company had to reduce the gauge of the steel stators sandwiched between the panel's flat diaphragms, yielding a more visually transparent panel, the company said.

Like all MartinLogan speakers featuring XStat electrostatic technology, the speakers deliver a dipolar dispersion pattern that generates "ambience-enriching later-arriving reflections off the wall behind them," the company said. At the same time, the panels distribute "very little sound to the sides, thereby minimizing side-wall reflections with short arrival times that tend to interfere with perception of the direct sound." The combination produces "incredible detail and clarity while maintaining unprecedented depth of sound," the company added.

In the Ethos speakers, each electrostatic panel is stacked on top of an 8-inch 200-watt powered woofer with 8-inch passive radiator to deliver bass down to 34Hz. The woofer features Class D amplifier and 24-bit DSP engine

The speaker will initially be available in three hand-rubbed real-wood finishes: black ash, dark cherry, and flamed teak. Additional finishes will be made available at a later date.


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