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MartinLogan Brings Electrostatics Below $2K/Pair

Atlanta – MartinLogan is bringing electrostatic speaker technology below
$2,000/pair in its lineup with the CEDIA Expo introduction of the $1,995/pair
ElectroMotion ESL, scheduled for March shipment.

 The speaker, the first in a series
that will include center-channel and surround speakers, features full size
34-inch tall curvilinear XStat electrostatic transducer, whereas the current
opening price electrostatic speaker at $2,195/pair features a 28-inch panel, as
does a $3,295/pair model. A speaker with 40-inch panel retails for $4,295/pair.
The company’s electrostatic speakers are priced up to $21,832/pair for a model with
57-inch panel.

 The new speaker “establishes a
new benchmark for price versu performance” and represents “a bold new direction for electrostatic loudspeaker
design,” the company said. It’s also “the
most affordable full-size XStat electrostatic transducer designed,” the company

 The ESL’s high- and
mid-frequency electrostatic panel is coupled with an 8-inch high-excursion,
doped fiber-cone woofer. The speaker features AirFrame technology similar to
that of the company’s flagship electrostatic speakers to make the electrostatic
panel rigid without obstructing the playable surface area or interfering with
dipole sound radiation, MartinLogan said. The Xtat electrostatic transducer was
designed in a way to reduce the thickness of the panel’s steel stators to make
the panel very visually transparent, the company added.