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Marshall Signs Shopatron For e-Commerce Site

San Luis Obispo, Calif. – Shopatron, a retail-integrated e-commerce provider, has signed an
agreement with Marshall Electronics to provide the manufacturer with a branded

Marshall, known in the film and broadcast media industry,
plans to promote its new consumer-targeted line of camera-top monitors, MXL microphones
for consumer recording, as well as video and business applications on the new
e-commerce platform. It will also include its industrial and OEM parts for
industry in the professional audio/visual and security industries, on the new e-commerce
platform, Shopatron said.

The online store is set to launch by the end of August or
the beginning of September.

On the Shopatron system, Marshall Electronics will sell
their products online, and then pass those sales to their retailers for
delivery to consumers. Online shoppers will have the choice of home delivery or
in-store pickup. With either option, consumers will enjoy the convenience of
online shopping paired with the customer service and personal touch of a
knowledgeable local retailer, Shopatron said.  

Marshall, a maker of
the MXL microphone and high-definition camera-top monitors, has been
manufacturing cameras monitors, microphones, and other leading-edge technology
products for the movie, broadcast media, and security industry for 30 years. In
response to consumer demand, they now offer d-SLR camera monitors and
microphones for the “prosumer” — consumers who are looking for
professional-quality equipment for personal or small-business applications.

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