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Marchon3D To Test In-Theater Vending Machine For 3D Glasses

Las Vegas – Marchon3D
and UltraStar Cinemas are teaming up to test an in-theater, self-service
vending machine for Marchon3D’s passive 3D glasses.

The vending machine will
allow consumers to browse and select from a wide assortment of Marchon3D’s
circular polarized EX3D glasses, and pay with a swipe of a credit card.

The first machine will
roll out in UltraStar’s Mission Valley Cinemas in San Diego this summer.

“This is the first
time we’ll be offering our EX3D glasses for sale in theaters and the first time
we’ve ever built a self-service installation like this. 3D has become so
pervasive in our culture, and 3D theaters are the most popular venue where we
consume 3D content — having our glasses in-theater with a reputable partner
such as UltraStar Cinemas makes perfect sense,” said David Johnson,
Marchon3D president. “The EX3D glasses delivered in this vending machine
can be used across all passive 3D platforms.”

Adult, tween and
children’s sizes in a variety of colors and designs will be offered, the company
said. Marchon3D will also offer solutions for prescription glasses wearers,

clip-on lenses

and frames that
comfortably fit over an entire prescription frame. Prices will range from $25
to $80.

The test in the San
Diego theaters is slated to begin in June and last three months. Marchon3D
plans to roll out additional vending machines in other markets in the upcoming

Marchon3D, a division of
Marchon Eyewear, also markets passive 3D eyewear under a range of licensed
brands, including Calvin Klein, Coach, Diane von Furstenberg, Fendi, Flexon,
Lacoste, Nautica, Nike and Sean John.