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Marantz Launches 2 Networked Stereo Receivers

Mahwah, N.J. – Marantz launched two networked stereo receivers, the $699-suggested M-CR610 and $599 M-CR510, to replace a current model and expand the selection to two.

The $699 M-CR610 model features an AM/FM tuner, embedded CD player, and four channels of amplification. The $599 model lacks tuner and CD and features two-channel amp.

Both Windows 8/RT-compatible products, available this month in stores and dealer web sites, feature built-in Wi-Fi with Wi-Fi Protected Setup, vTuner internet radio, AirPlay, DLNA 1.5 certification, a Made For iPod/iPhone USB port on the front and back, and Spotify, Pandora, and SiriusXM music service streaming. Presumably, it also streams Internet radio stations.

Both also support playback of audio files in the MP3, WMA, AAC, FLAC, ALAC and WAV formats, and both can be controlled from supplied remotes or from Marantz’s Remote App for iOS mobile devices. Each features Wi-Fi Multimedia (802.11e) certification to provide improved quality of service for Wi-Fi music streaming.

Both also support 192kHz/24-bit FLAC and WAV playback, and both have optical digital input on back to improve TV sound and double as a DAC.

Compared to its predecessor, the M-CR610 adds built-in Wi-Fi, built-in AirPlay, Spotify and SiriusXM streaming, rear USB port, ALAC and 192/24 FLAC streaming, and upgraded cosmetics, said Paul Belanger, D+M Group’s technical product manager. In the predecessor model, AirPlay was an optional $100 upgrade.

With four amp channels, the $699 model will drive a pair of speakers with 2×60-watt output or two separate speaker pairs at 30 watts per channel. The receiver will also drive bi-amped speakers.