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Marantz Demonstrates Two-Channel SACD, Plans June Shipment

Marantz executives demonstrated a two-channel SACD player that they expect to ship in June at around $6,000, up from a previously targeted retail of around $5,000.

Marantz’s multichannel SACD plans, meanwhile, have been altered, and the company is targeting late this year for U.S. shipments, said marketing executive Mark Stein.

Previously, Marantz parent Philips said Marantz’s multichannel model would be out in the second quarter, but Philips later reversed itself and said that timetable hasn’t been confirmed. Philips said it continues to plan to market a Philips-brand DVD-Video/multichannel SACD player in the third quarter in the U.S.

In other Marantz audio developments, the company unveiled its first THX Surround EX-equipped receiver. It’s a THX Ultra-certified model due around June at about $4,000, and the company plans less expensive THX Surround EX receivers, probably shipping around November. One of them could be certified under Lucasfilms’ THX Select standard, which applies to more moderately priced products, Stein said.

Marantz’s first five-disc CD/DVD changer is also on display, and the company announced plans to market the Mordaunt-Short brand of home speakers in the U.S., enabling it to sell all of the A/V components in a home theater system.