Marantz Bulks Up Feature Content


Indianapolis — Marantz plans to expand its selection of universal DVD-Audio/SACD players and adopt new technologies and features in its receiver assortment.

Three of the new receivers launched at the CEDIA Expo are the company’s first with Dolby Headphone. Two of them are the company’s first to offer room-acoustic compensation. One of the receivers is the first with DVI connections.

With the introductions, Marantz will offer the following features in every one of its receiver SKUs: seven amplifier channels, video up-conversion (to component video in all but one model), Dolby Pro Logic IIx and DTS 96/24.

In DVD, three of four new single-disc DVD players are universal models, expanding the universal selection to three from two. The company also offers a high-end SACD-only player and a five-disc DVD-Audio/Video changer.

The new flagship universal player, the $2,099-suggested DV9500, ships in October and is the company’s first DVD player with up-scaling HDMI output. It also features full DVD-Audio/SACD bass management. It’s said to be the first DVD player to incorporate Dolby Headphone virtual surround technology for DVD-Audio playback. Dolby Headphone also operates on SACD playback.

Two replacement universal players are the $1,099 DV7500 and $599 DV6500. Additional details were unavailable.

The four new receivers are priced from a suggested $449 to $1,599. All are due from September through November.

The $449 SR4500 deliver seven amplifier channels, composite-to S-Video up-conversion, Dolby Pro Logic IIx, SRS Tru-Surround Headphone and DTS 96/24. The $649 SR5500, which replaces two SKUs, adds Circle Surround 2 and up-conversion to component video.

The $999 SR7500 adds video up-conversion from composite video to S- video to component, THX Select certification, and automatic room-acoustics compensation. To these features, the THX Select SR8500 at $1,599 adds two DVI inputs, one DVI output and more power, among other features.


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