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Marantz Adds Connectivity, Up-scaling

New A/V products launched here by Marantz add multiple installer-friendly connectivity features, expand key features throughout the company’s A/V receiver line, and bring down the prices of DVD players with 1,080i and 1,080p up-scaling.

Among two new Marantz DVD players launched here at the CEDIA Expo, the $329-suggested DV4001 brings the price of 1,080i up-scaling down from a suggested $599 in the company’s lineup. Up-scaling to 1,080p now starts at a suggested $699, down from $2,000, with the launch of a five-disc universal changer. A single-disc universal player not displayed will also up-scale to 1,080p and might be priced at around $599 when it ships late this year.

Four new receivers bring the following features, most to simplify custom installs, to all models in the company’s six-SKU receiver line, which starts at a suggested $549 and tops out at $4,000: direct IR inputs, detachable power cords, and less-than-16-inch-deep chassis depth.

The entire receiver line now features HDMI repeater connectivity, which enables the receivers’ HDMI inputs to receive audio and video over a single HDMI cable. Other receivers with HDMI inputs accept video over the HDMI cable and audio over a separate cable, said a spokesman. None of the receivers up-scales video to HD.

With the receiver introductions, Marantz now offers three receivers with dual component outputs, allowing for connections to two displays — usually a big-screen front projector and a smaller flat-panel display — in the same room.

Marantz also introduced its first receivers with up-conversion of composite, S- and component video to HDMI. They’re priced at $1,399 and $1,999.

Also new is an expanded selection of XM-ready receivers, now at three from one and starting at $749.