Manfrotto Announces Venice Contest Winners; 2nd Stage


Ramsey, N.J. - Photo accessories distributor Manfrotto Distribution announced the first round of winners of a trip to the 68th Venice Film Festival, in the initial stage of the company's "Imagine More" social-networking contest.

First-round entrants had three weeks in May to upload their thoughts, via various social-networking platforms, on what the term "Imagine More" means to them. The top five entries were then compiled with the thoughts of five celebrity ambassadors to help craft the first-ever "Imagine More Manifesto."

At the

Film Festival

, "Imagine More Manifesto" will make its debut as a short film by photographer and director Bill Frakes, who will use the winning text contributions in the film.

The second stage of the contest is currently underway, ending on July 14, with entrants encouraged to find something that represents their ideal of what the imagination is and capture it with a photograph. Contest participants can then upload their images to

. The winning photos will accompany the winning text in the film and the winning photographers will also attend the premiere at the festival.

Winners of the contest will be announced in the coming weeks.

The five winning text entries were:

• Jason Berry (United States) - "Taking your imagination to new heights. Not being afraid of expressing yourself despite what others say";

• Fabrizio Rondo (Italy) - "Imagination is look at life through a kaleidoscope";  

• Kevin Thornhill (United Kingdom) - "Never accept fate move forward and strive to overcome stereotypes be the change you want to be"; 

• Frederic Bernard-Payen (France) - "Imagination est à l'art ce qu'est la truffe à l'oeuf, un catalyseur d'émotions qui met nos sens en émoi sans dénaturer la beauté originelle"; and

• Thomas Reimann (Germany) - "Whatever you do, don't be another brick in the wall - be unique and imagine more."

The five celebrity ambassador entries were:

• photographer Chase Jarvis - "Go take a photograph that only YOU could take. Now share it with the world";

• celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson - "Imagine more is taking local flavors to international diners";

• celebrated DJ Mia Moretti - "Express your imagination visually, emotionally and musically";

• Barney's New York creative ambassador Simon Doonan - "When I want to jumpstart my creativity and imagination I stare into the eyes of my pooch"; and

• Italian singer/actress Violante Placido - "With imagination I'm not lonely, With imagination I get inspired, With inspiration I create, by creating I am sharing."

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