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Malata Delivers Emore

LAS VEGAS – Malata (South Hall, booth 25239) is bringing out a 32-inch LCD TV that promises to have more connections than a Hollywood agent. The set has built-in “legacy connectors” including stereo RCA and optical audio, as well as component and composite video, along with dual NTSC tuners. The LT-63201, which will be available later this year, features a pair of removable docking ports that allow for the swapping of Evolution Modules, allowing for greater customization with the display.

These slide-in plug-and-play modules include wireless home security, DVD, ITPV for Internet connectivity, and a standard definition wireless server. Two options are available for time shifting including a 80GB hard disc drive module, which is HD supported, and a USB card slot module that will allow for direct recording of standard definition content to an SD card to take on the go. Pricing of the LT-63201, as well as the modules, has not been announced but a company spokesperson said that Malata is aiming for an MSRP around $800 for the basic set, with modules varying in price based on functions.

Malata is also introducing a new ultra-compact PC, without a hard drive. The PC-68001 Personal Computer is pre-installed with the Linux operating system, and features an eight-inch widescreen TFT LCD screen with native 800×480 resolution, HDMI jack for VGA output,1GB of NAND flash, and 256MB of DDR memory. This ultra-compact also supports an external CD-ROM and HDD via the USB port. Designed for students and those looking for an affordable PC solution, the PC-68001 will be available later this year for around $300.